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Seeds of travel bug

Well, our background is that we started exploring the world in our mid-fifties with a trip to SE Asia in 2005.  The seeds were probably sown in the 1970’s when we did a two and a half year teaching tour in Nigeria and met people from all over the world who had moved temporarily to African countries who recruited teachers for their fledgling education systems.  After getting family through third level education we started to develop itchy feet again.  We heard so much about the young people back-packing and enjoying gap years etc. that we felt that it was unfair that all this adventure was so easily accessed by young people and our generation were confined to ready-made guided packages.  After obtaining the ‘Lonely Planet’ guide to SE Asia which was part of every backpacker’s itinerary we realised that the internet provided the gateway to organising your own travels.  You just had to take a leap of faith and get stuck into planning a tour using guide books and internet sites which abounded with useful advice.  Travel sites such as Opodo, Expedia, Octopus and made it easy to book flights and accommodation.  Nowadays of course care has to be taken in looking out for fees based on credit card transactions as these add up over a whole itinerary.  The preparatory research is vital and either visiting sites like Thorntree or actually talking to experienced travellers is reassuring when considering the transport, accommodation and food options.


Our first experience took in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and this gave us the confidence for future trips culminating in our recent trip to North East India which is the subject of this, our first, blog.  Retirement provided the opportunity which we never had before to travel outside the months of July and August and so we planned our trip to NE India including Sikkim to give us our memorable views of the Himalayas.